Long Range 3

Long Range 3

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This 3 hour class goes over all the modern and tried and true equipment to get into long range shooting. we will cover rifles, caliber, operating systems, along with all other mandatory equipment and gear to get started. There is no shooting portion in this class this is just to give the students a chance to see what is the best and most efficient systems available.

Prerequisite: Long Range 2

Equipment List Long Range 3

  • Long range rifle capable of shooting LESS THEN 1” groups at 100 yards recommend 6.5 Creedmoor, .300 Win, 6.5prc, 260 Remington or similar calibers quality high power rifle
  • Scope must have ranging reticle in scope
  • Bipods
  • Cheek riser/adjustable stock
  • Shooting mat with bipod loading straps (straps sewn to the front of the mat in which the bipods can be pressed into while firing)
  • Hearing protection and eye protection
  • Note pad and paper
  • Smart Phone with ballistic app (applied ballistics)
  • Sig rangefinder (BDX or ABS) with kestrel elite series weather station

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