Defense Against a Knife Attack

Defense Against a Knife Attack

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The Defense Against a Knife Attack is TACTIC’s combatives course and one of the most empowering courses we teach! Each skill you learn is layered one upon the other systematically. At the end of the course, you will succeed in facing a threat in a red man suit with a shock knife.

The Defense Against a Knife Attack material is founded on statistics-based research and focuses on what is real and what works. Our knife defense teaches both how to defend against knife attacks with bare hands, and also how to defend against attacks by using a knife yourself. The class covers the fundamentals of fighting with and defending against an edge weapon with emphasis on the “stalking” phase of a knife attack which is more common for civilians.

Participants receive effective and realistic training to counter edged weapon assaults from certified instructors. Knife Defense is based on combat proven systems and one of the most effective foundations for knife self-defense techniques.  

Training consists of 5-6 hours of classroom and physical exercises.  The physical segments of this class can be strenuous and the subject material is inherently violent.

Where: Meet at the TACTIC classroom at 237 Quail Run Road in Four Corners, MT 59718

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