Handgun 3

Handgun 3

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Handgun 3 course builds upon the proper fundamentals developed in Handguns 1 & 2. This course is conducted exclusively at a shooting facility with live fire drills. Students will learn advanced weapon handling, movement, and team drills
You can expect to learn:

  • Shooting around corners
  • Advanced movement
  • Shooting from unconventional positions
  • Combining multiple techniques in problem solving scenarios
  • Drugged assailant & body armor defeating drills

Time of course: 6 hours
Prerequisite: Handgun 1 & 2
What to bring to class: handgun, 2 magazines (3 recommended), 600 rounds of ammunition, outside the waistband holster, belt mounted magazine carrier, eye protection, hearing protection.

Meet at the TACTIC range outside Four Corners, down Camp Creek Road

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