Handgun 4

Handgun 4

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Handgun 4 course builds upon the proper fundamentals developed in Handguns 1, 2, & 3. The course is conducted exclusively at a shooting facility with live fire drills. Students will learn to shoot in specialized situations under unique conditions. This course of instruction is private and by invite only. TOPICS ARE PROPRIETARY & AVAILABLE BY REQUEST ONLY.
You can expect to learn:

  • Conceal carry applications
  • Shooting through clothing
  • Shooting through materials
  • Shooting from vehicles
  • Night shoot

Time of course: 6 hours
Prerequisite: Handgun 1, 2, 3What to bring to class: handgun, 2 magazines (3 recommended), 400 rounds of ammunition, outside the waistband holster, belt mounted magazine carrier, eye protection, hearing protection.

Where: Meet at the TACTIC range outside Four Corners, down Camp Creek Road

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