Avoiding Violence

Avoiding Violence

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Whether it is walking to your car late at night, or working with someone who makes you uncomfortable.... we all have those moments when we need to make a split second decision.  Knowing how criminals think, what they say to profile a victim, and learning how to "trust your gut" - can mean the difference between violence and victory.

 Here is what students are saying:

 "Life-changing!  Everyone should take this class!"

"I left feeling so empowered!"

"Had I known this information I would have avoided a sexual harassment case.”

"Far better then any typical self-defense course!"

 This course is recommended for men and women13 and older. 

Where: Meet at the TACTIC classroom at 237 Quail Run Road, Unit #A in Four Corners, MT 59718

March 13th and August 15th 

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